ABOUT mlk.

The world needs more love, more compassion, more empathy, more education, more helping hands... and a little fashion fun to help achieve it all! 
I have created mlk. to provide opportunities for you to educate and give back, while getting a little something in return!

We all have the ability to harness the power of positive energy. Just as the earths semiprecious gemstones can stimulate positive energies for our mind, body and spirit, we can create positive energy to share with our communities.

mlk. encourages you to connect and share your positive energy with those in need. Spread it like wildfire!

learn, giveback, shop, teach, repeat

At mlk., I want to know
Where can I help?
What can I learn from you?
What other charities and organizations can I contribute to?
How can I make a positive impact to raise awareness and give back to different communities in need?

Who can make a difference?:
It’s just a matter of taking a step in the right direction. Whether you are a client who wants to raise awareness for a cause near and dear to you, or a client who can spare a dollar to help support a cause in need, you can all make a difference.

What makes the difference?:
Knowledge is power, and understanding the need is the first step towards making an impact in our communities.

Where do we get this knowledge and understanding?:
We all know someone in need. So, share your story! Teach us about ways you give back, and let me know how mlk. can help! No matter how big or how small!
Share your story and inspire others.

Send me an email with all the details!
  • Your Name (of course)
  • Name of the charity or organization near and dear to you (please include the registered charity number)

  • Tell us a story about why your selected charity or oganization is special to you? What drives your passion?
  • How would you like mlk. to help support you make a difference?
    • By raising awareness?
    • By raising a certain dollar amount?
    • By organizing a Day of Caring for Volunteers?
    • All of the above!?
  • Do you want to inspire others by sharing your story on our Giveback page, and Instragram?

mlk. is commited to supporting your giveback movement by:
  • Listening to you and learning about the charity or organization near and dear to you
  • Educating other clients and raising awareness by featuring your charity or organization on our Giveback page
  • Organizing volunteered Days of Caring to give back to your selected charity, organization, or community
  • Creating a special product to raise awareness for your cause
  • Marketing the featured charity or oganizations special piece
  • Donating 50% of proceeds to the featured charity or oganization
Registered Canadian Charities