awareness raised by MARIAH KEOUGH

1 bracelet = 20 lunches for hungry little ones in our city.

For $30, you can wear a 4Kids bracelet, and help us raise awareness. $20 from each bracelet sold is donated to BB4CK .
With the purchase of each bracelet, you are supporting BB4CK by providing 20 lunches for our Calgary kids in need. Kids who receive lunch are able to focus and learn in class, and able to participate in physical activities. They are aware of their surroundings, and able to make friends and participate in their communities. When kids aren’t hungry, they can build self-confidence and grow in all sorts of healthy ways. The thought of a little grumbling tummy is heart-wrenching, but thanks to this organization, approximately 3,200 kids receive lunches each day.

BB4CK is focused on not only feeding kids healthy lunches, but on empowering the community to make a difference and create their own impact. The 4Kids bracelet by mlk. was created using semi-precious gemstones to best represent BB4CK. Bronzite is a protective, grounding mineral that is used to restore harmony and self-confidence while inspiring courtesy, help, and acceptance. Aventurine is used to attract luck, abundance & success while providing comfort and protection for the heart. Blue Agate is a stone of strength, courage and protection. Red Carnelian increases personal power and physical energy while awakening inner talent, boosting creativity and encouraging compassion and confidence. Yellow Calcite is an excellent stone for students as it is said to amplify learning abilities while bringing inner peace. All of these powerful minerals combined generate positive energies that align with what BB4CK believes in providing for our children and our communities.

“Lunch is learning.. Lunch is a chance to serve.. Lunch is community."

Thanks to your support, BB4CK is able to connect and inspire people to take meaningful action to feed and care for kids.

For more info, please visit:

awareness raised by LAUREN STARK

Keys to Recovery is a local organization that provides permanent supportive housing to adults who were chronically homeless and would otherwise be discharged back into homelessness upon successful completion of addictions treatment. Keys to Recovery Clients are provided with an apartment (either single or double occupancy) and whatever support they need to remove any barriers to regaining their independence and maintaining their sobriety.

Lauren Stark brought this organization to my attention in November on 2016, and helped mlk. create a special bracelet to symbolize the organizations mission, vision and impact on our commuity.

mlk. has created the "r e c o v e r y" bracelet to help raise awareness and donations for Keys to Recovery.

$25 from each special piece sold will be donated to to Keys to Recovery to help them fulfill their 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness.

In December alone, we raised $400 to support this great cause!

together, we are the key to making a difference

For more information on Keys to Recovery and how you can get involed, visit:

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by wearing this bracelet, you are supporting Calgary's Keys to Recovery and unlocking the potential within

the anchor organization for mlk.'s giveback movement

In 2014, I had to opportunity to work with United Way Calgary and Area. This was my first ever opportunity to work with a non-profit organization, and ended up being the root of my passion to give back, and encourage others to give back to Calgary communities.  

United Way of Calgary and Area has three main focus areas to help turn Calgary into a great city for all:
poverty, kids and communities

They have created the Social Equation which tells the story of critical social issues that Calgarians face all too often. By strengthening each part of their created equation, United Way creates infinite possibilities for our city.

The Social Equation
Overcoming Poverty + Successful Kids + Strong Communities = A GREAT CITY FOR ALL

United Way supports agencies that tackle root causes of social issues, connecting Calgarians with opportunities that help them better their lives. Whether they’re a family or an individual, United Way has over 100 agency partners in Calgary working to achieve United Ways vision and mission.

United Way Vision
A great city for all.
United Way Mission
To improve lives and build extraordinary communities by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action.

For more information on United Way, and ways you can get more involved, visit:

mlk. has created the "yyc spirit" bracelet, and "yyc" matte necklaces to help raise awareness and donations for
United Way Calgary and Area's annual Campaign.

$25 from these special item sales will be donated to United Way Calgary and Area.

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